Baseline Configuration*:
Date Range:
start date, end date
Turbine Subset:
Turbine Number:
Command-Click to select more than one.
Turbine Orientation:
Turbine Power:
min, max, in watts
Horizontal Wind Speed (Average):
min, max, in meters per second
Vertical Wind Speed:
min, max, in meters per second, negative denotes down
Wind Direction:
min, max, in degrees from due north


This page lets you search the Caltech FLOWE data set filtered by the parameters on the left.

To begin, select a baseline turbine configuration from the drop down. This will automatically pre-populate the other filters with the minimum and maximum values found in the data. You can then modify those values as you choose, provided the new value falls within the default range. (Note that selecting a turbine number overrides any selected turbine orientation.)

Once your filter is complete, press Search to see the results page, which will display three numbers: the number of distinct sub configurations found, the number of separate power measurements found, and the number of separate wind velocity measurements found. From there you will be able to export your actual data results to a csv file.

If you want to search/download wind data only, there is a Baseline Configuration option for that: just select "Wind Data Only" and proceed from there.